Fun For You & Your Pet!

The seventh-largest city in Pennsylvania, Bethlehem is home to nearly 75,000 people. Known for its rich colonial and industrial history, the city also provides a promising future that is as bright as the city's past. Due to the economic and cultural renaissance that Bethlehem is currently experiencing, it is no question why the city is popular to both old and new residents. The area of Bethlehem experiences a humid continental climate with the typical cold winters of the northeast. Generally, summers are hot and humid, and fall and spring are more on the mild side. If you're a person who loves the outdoors, you're in luck! 

Bethlehem owns 39 park sites that encompass about 570 acres of land! Among the city's parks, two in particular are known for being extra dog-friendly - Monocacy Park and Illick's Mill Park. If your furry friend got into something stinky while at the park, count on Leader of the Pack to get them cleaned up and smelling great! We offer a variety of services to keep you and your dog clean, healthy, and happy.

Dog Grooming, Training, Boarding & More

Dog grooming is essential for your dog's health, as proper, regular grooming provides a variety of benefits, including maintaining a healthy coat, dental hygiene, and helping to reduce stress. Your pet's skin health will also greatly benefit from regular grooming as haircuts help to reduce the weight they carry on a daily basis, which can also reduce joint pain. Dog grooming often includes clipping nails and cleaning ears, which helps to reduce the risk of ear infections and prevent the dog from accidentally cutting themselves with their nails.

Staffed with friendly and helpful dog lovers, Leader of the Pack is ready to take care of your pup! We offer a variety of dog grooming options to keep your pet looking and feeling great. Looking for dog daycare to get some energy out? Or dog boarding for a trip out of town? We have you covered! Leader of the Pack is well-known for our dog training services, as well! For more information about the services we offer dog parents throughout Bethlehem or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!