Leslie B. ★★★★★
Bella loves going to the daycare. The staff are exceptional and very helpful. We recently graduated the Adult puppy class and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

Sam King ★★★★★
After trying many puppy classes for my Rottweiler I tried leader of the pack it was a wonderful learning experience for both me and my puppy in one session explained the importance of drop it what would happen if your dog got ahold of a heart pill and swallowed it I thought to myself at the time could that really happen I now know from experience it actually did happen Cesar picked up a heart pill that accidentally rolled off the counter my heart was in my throat as I calmly said drop it and he did a million emotions were going through my head in a Split Second one of those emotions was I could never thank leader of the pack enough for teaching me and my puppy the life skills he needs for life.

Lisa Hudak ★★★★★
Without hesitation Leader of the Pack is what rolls off the tip of my tongue when someone asks, “where is a great place to board?” “where is a great place for dog trainers”. Lisa and her team are caring, affectionate, enthusiastic towards myself, but more importantly, my Walter and Molly. They clearly understand their needs. I can go away, knowing that my FURbabies are on a vacation of their very own, without any worries or concerns for their well-being! And, if you Follow their page, the photos say it all!

Rachel Zimmerman ★★★★★
Great facility with well educated helpful people. So far our pup Kadin did the Puppy Class which both Kadin and our family learned great foundation skills. The class was fun and overall we all learned so much. Kadin has also gone to daycare, which is so convenient. When we pick him up he is laid back for days. Great way to keep your dog interacting with others in a safe environment. The ability to watch them play on the webcam is an awesome additive. Would 100% recommend Leader of the Pack. Excited to do another class in the near future.

Heather P. ★★★★★
Fantastic puppy obedience class! We learned so much & more importantly, so has Kelce! LOPCI is extremely clean, spacious. The trainers were great, thank you Megan & everyone! We love the puppy socializing & are very pleased w/ the cage free daycare & boarding. Kelce will continue w/ all the classes offered & she’ll be there for daycare to get the play & stimulation a German Shepherd needs!! Excellent experience, we highly recommend to any pet parents!

Vandalay Industries ★★★★★
Lisa and John Make Canine Training Great Again. Took my rescue bloodhound. A few private hours with them and we already felt more like the leaders of the pack. Before my visit, I was the only one who could walk my 108 lb. beauty. After my mom with a bad knee was able to walk him with no pulling and much better verbal command response. I intend on furthering his and our training in the near future.

Eileen Kutzler ★★★★★
We’re a recent LOPCI family, bringing our rescue beagle Boo there for daycare, boarding and grooming – very satisfied with our experience each time. Staff truly cares about the dogs, and makes sure that my high energy boy is with the right group each day. Having been one of the 65 rescue beagles who started off with us very skitterish, he’s blended in nicely and has grown to trust his teachers at school! We love watching him on the dogcams also. Staff was excited to tell us when he got the chance to spend the day with one of the other two rescue beagles that comes there, and we got to see them chilling together. We made an excellent choice with LOPCI!

Shauna Hartman with Mabel ★★★★★
I have nothing but great things to say about Leader of the Pack. The staff is amazing and helpful in every way. The minute you walk in the door you feel like family and know that they are going to take great care of your fur baby. Mabel just graduated from puppy training and can’t wait to start beginner training in a couple of weeks. Megan is an amazing instructor and we enjoyed every minute of her class. I definitely recommend this place to anyone with dogs. Besides training Mabel loves day camp and can’t wait to go.

Brian Pollinger ★★★★★

My first experience with the LOTP.

Training, the end results are incredible. My dog stopped controlling me or any of my family members after the class. ( 6 month puppy )
Sitting, Staying, Waiting, Laying, Walking and dropping on command. Her social skills have become a lot better also.
Lisa, has informed the class of certain information which make you understand the dogs view point. Leading us in to use those traits to benefit the training of our dogs.
She also informs you that the training must continue for the best results, not just class time.

Boarding, My dogs are very special to me, as your are also. I addressed Lisa, to take care of my girl, she is all I have. If you need extra money for special care just say it.
She felt no reason for the extra money.
Her services proved to me that special care is given to all of their clients pets.
When I went to pick up my girl, Im not certain she wanted to go home with me…
Thats a great feeling for knowing they were cared for.
I commend their services.

Theresa Wenck ★★★★★
Our dog, Roscoe has only had two sessions with Lisa and John and he has improved vastly. I appreciate how Lisa and John listen to any of our concerns and address them with practical and viable options. I look forward to learning even more about how to handle Roscoe!

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