Colleen M. ★★★★★
My rescue dog has some behavioral challenges. I would not trust anyone else to care for him when I was away! The training classes are great and they are always there to help when I need some additional training. I highly recommend LOPCI

Shealyn Crowley ★★★★★
LOPCI has been an awesome experience for my Goldendoodle! She loves going and she has turned into such a social pup since she’s been going!

Chuck McKinney ★★★★★
I have worked with Leader of the Pack for over ten years without any complaints. My dog goes to Doggy Day Care twice a week and boards there when we go away. I have never had a problem. I even have my dog groomed there. The staff and service are excellent.

Cornelious Gomes ★★★★★
Great place for daycare and grooming. My dog love this place. This is his happy place. He gets so excited when he get to spend whole day at daycare.

Corey Hall ★★★★★
Me and my family have been bring our dogs to get groomed by Lois for years and she is the best in the business. Her prices are amazing and you can’t beat the quality! We drive all the way from Philly!

Justin Meyers ★★★★★
I have used Leader of the Pack for boarding, training, grooming, and day care for 2 different dogs. I have never had an issue there. They were always friendly, professional, and insightful. They offer a wide range of services at fair prices. There daycare service is great and easy to use. Would recommend them to anyone!!!

Jessica Ticchio ★★★★★
LOPCI has been an extremely reliable and helpful service time and time again. I take my dogs there regularly for day care and feel completely confident they will be safe and cared for. It’s been a great way to keep my dogs socialized. I’ve been very happy with their grooming and training services as well. Highly recommend!

Suzanne Creelman ★★★★★
Leader of the Pack is a great place for doggie daycare/boarding. The staff are top notch and know their stuff!! Skye has been going there for a few years and they have really worked with me on some of her separation anxiety issues. Highly recommend LOPCI for the training as well.

Jared Campbell ★★★★★
Nothing short of EXACTLY what we needed and wanted. Megan, Nico and Tommy know how to train people and dogs. It's important to realize that people probably have more to learn than the dogs and these three did amazing at it all. We did the Adult Beginning course and will be looking into the intermediate course. Everyone who has a dog can benefit from Leader of The Pack. Bring the family!

Ryan Boyington★★★★★
We have been taking our dog to Leader of the Pack now for almost a full year. We can comfortably say they are the best in the Valley for day care, grooming, boarding, and even training! We took our puppy there first for obedience school, and we were thrilled with the results. Even during COVID times, we felt we had a great experience with the trainers, and always felt that precautions were taken. We usually leave our dog at daycare multiple days a week, and love that we can check in on him via their webcams online during the day. Our dog has so much fun at daycare playing with dogs his size! Often times a staff member will let us know how he did during his day at LOPCI, and this is greatly appreciated. Their in house grooming is second to none, and you can’t beat the convenience of it. When we have to board our dog, we always feel peace of mind knowing he’s well taken care of. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for our dog!

Alexandra Hoagg ★★★★★
Absolutely amazing place!! They are all so knowledgeable and friendly and I know my dog is in the best of care! They fact that they can handle my 2.5yr old whole boxer should tell you how great of a place this is!! Doggy daycare for the win!

Elizabeth Lenhart ★★★★★
Been taking my dog here for years. She loves daycare. She is well socialized and so so tired at the end of the day when I pick her up. She always makes the staff chase her because she never wants to leave. That in itself tells me how much she loves it there. She also gets groomed here. Lois is a magician and is always so pleasant. I cant say enough about the staff - everyone is welcoming and helpful. I know they take great care of my girl and I'm comfortable leaving her there for boarding when we go on vacation. They are well staffed and I know my dog is being watched carefully and attended to. When she recognizes that we are close to Leader Of The Pack she starts to get really excited - tail wagging, pacing the back seat, whining... the whole show. She loves it. Highly recommend.

Janie Nye ★★★★★
Leader of the Pack has been our go to for dog services since we adopted our puppy at the end of last year. The doggy daycare has been wonderful for socialization and play time! The training sessions, both private and group, have really helped us learn how to teach our pup manners. It's also very convenient to be able to add grooming services while our pup is at daycare. We highly recommend LOPCI!

Tom Narkin ★★★★★
The staff do fantastic work and are so nice! They treat all three of our dogs very well.

Susan Fogt ★★★★★
Our German Shepherd, Diva loves to go to daycare! She’s exhausted by the end of the day which is a bonus for us. We have also attended a training class and had a private session, which were very helpful. Diva also goes there for grooming. The staff is professional and friendly. Highly recommend!

Missy Andrews ★★★★★
Great place, my dog learned a lot and loves to go to doggie daycare! Would highly recommend!!

Cori Adams ★★★★★
We have had our two dogs at Leader of the Pack since they were in the Puppy Manners classes. We love the daycare to tire them out, and wouldn’t kennel them anywhere else. The staff all know my pups and greets them like they are special every time we arrive. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Carl G. ★★★★★
Leader of the Pack takes great care of our pup. She loves going there and comes home happy and tired. I know that her experiences are making her a better and happier dog. We use day care often me we also frequently have our pups nails trimmed. They do a much better job than our vet or other stores. Staff is always nice, helpful and caring. Their hours are also really good. I would recommend that everyone gives Leader of the Pack an opportunity to help mold their furry friend(s).

John Snyder ★★★★★
I had a great experience taking my puppy to the manners and socialization class. The staff was very friendly and understanding throughout the entire curriculum. I will definitely take my puppy to their daycare program so he continues to be socialized!

Ilene Ringlold ★★★★★
we love leader of the pack!! :)) our Bella so looks forward to going there to play, to board, and to get bathed!! the staff is wonderful!!

Matt Kuzma ★★★★★
I would highly recommend LOPCI for you dog training. Staff is very friendly and helpful with any issue.

Jeffery Kemmerer ★★★★★
Our new puppy will become a big dog so we wanted to train him early and well. After puppy and Beginner dog classes we are well on the way. Both classes were taught by Megan Williams and were excellent ! Clearly she and the rest of the staff love dogs and the dogs respond well to them We also use daycare for a half day several times a week. Both our dogs thoroughly enjoy it and have learned to interact well with other dogs. We plan to continue them ”puppy’s” (he is now 70 lbs) as classes become available. I highly recommend these folks !

Andrea Rivera ★★★★★
The training classes for puppies and adult beginner Are great. Meghan goes above and beyond with the puppies. I will recommend it 100%

Theresa Nemeth ★★★★★
Our dog completed Adult Basic Education taught by Lisa. Great experience. Learned so much. Staff very patient, provided excellent tips. Lisa very helpful in providing solution for managing the dog's barking in car problem. Highly recommend the training provided here.

Jared J. ★★★★★
Absolutely hands down best in the valley.

Tyler L. ★★★★★
I’ve been taking my dogs here for a long period of time. The training classes are excellent. The staff is very friendly and helpful also. I can’t see myself taking my dogs to any other place. I feel very welcomed and safe with my dogs going to leader of the pack.

Abby H. ★★★★★
Cared for my big pup no issues. He doesn't do well with other dogs but he was fine with their private boarding. As long as your dog is up to date with shots then it's fine.

Carina Clemens ★★★★★
We brought our year and a half supermut, Lilo. The staff is very knowledgeable. They were patient, kind and efficient. We are so happy we went with Leader of the Pack for her training! We have and will continue to recommend. Top notch! Thank you so much

Kelly Murmello ★★★★★
We have been training, daycare, and boarding clients for nearly 10 years! Even when we moved out of the area we couldn’t find anyone who cared for our dogs better. I always trust that my dogs and safe and happy at LOPCI.

Lisa Catullo ★★★★★
My high energy rescue pup had a lot of training needs. Megan and Tony were patient with us, incredibly professional and helpful, and my darling pup “graduated” after our six week training course. Will definitely return for any future training needs we have.

Frank DiLeo ★★★★★
My dogs LOVE Leader of the Pack. You can watch your dogs play on their PupCam! The staff are friendly and professional. They take safety and security seriously. They ensure all dogs are vaccinated including the canine influenza vaccine. The training classes are generally well attended. The groomer on site is also awesome! Overall, Leader of the Pack is a great place for your furbaby :)

Philip Urban ★★★★★
My wife and I have been bringing our dog to leader of the pack since we moved to the Lehigh Valley. The staff are great and greet him by name every time we visit. He is always excited when we get there and sleeps for at least a day when we pick him up. We never hesitate to recommend their services to friends and family. We have used several of their services including: day care, boarding, and grooming. .

Alison Cabello ★★★★★
I worked a lot with my puppy in the first year but I still felt like he wasn’t respecting me or obeying the commands I knew he knew. I’m so glad I took him to obedience class at Leader of the Pack! They trained ME how to be pack leader and earn his respect. In addition to all the basics of training a dog, we learned how to read a dog based on their behavior and body positioning. The staff is very generous with their time and efforts to address individual questions and scenarios. I highly recommend!

Todd Yurick ★★★★★
Excellent training very knowledgeable.

Jason Shetler ★★★★★
We've been boarding our dog at LOPCI for 3 years and they've been extremely professional and accommodating. The daycare has helped our dog play better with other dogs. We also just recently started training our dog there as well and we're already seeing results!

Meredith Hudak ★★★★★

Wendy with Hattie ★★★★★
What do you do with a 10 month old Newfie who’s extra-large and often gets the Zoomies? Who likes to eat TV remote controls, Rubbermaid containers, The New Yorker magazine, and pretty much everything else? You introduce her to Lisa and the whole LOPCI Crew, and you jump in. It works! Seven months later, Hattie is a proud graduate of both Adult Beginner and Intermediate Obedience courses, is a (mostly) well-behaved young lady, can walk off-leash in public for short periods of time, and is gaining new skills every day. Everyone at LOPCI is friendly, professional, and eager to help. They love all their furry friends and truly care about helping their 2-legged clients learn how to interact positively and create a calm environment for their pets. Learning how to train my dog (and myself) is the closet thing to “talking” to my Hattie. I truly feel when we are working together that we are engaging in a very meaningful way that strengthens our relationship and helps build trust. From grooming (best in the Valley) to day care (again, best there is) to training, LOPCI is the place to go. I’m so grateful to have found this gem.

Holly Peck ★★★★★
We’ve had such a positive experience with LOPCI! The trainers & staff are all so knowledgeable and caring. Our dog, Jax, participated in puppy manners & socialization, & Megan & Tommy were great! Jax is also a regular at doggy day care. He always loves going to play with his friends & we have peace of mind knowing that he’s safe. We also recently took a private lesson with Lisa & were very impressed with her knowledge, professionalism & communication. Additionally, we just tried the grooming service. They were so sweet & Jax looks more handsome than ever! Thank you!!

Cassie Wells ★★★★★
Highly recommend. They’re so kind and knowledgeable and have really helped me with training my dog. Daycare is also great, especially for cold or rainy days.

Kim S. ★★★★★
I Love this place!!!! Lois is the best groomer in the Lehigh Valley.

Jessica Lang ★★★★★
Leader of the Pack takes great care of our Great Dane, Ollie! Everyone there is friendly & knows who we are when we walk through the door - it makes me feel very comfortable leaving him in their capable hands for day care or boarding.

Donna Yacoub ★★★★★
I would definitely recommend LOPCI for all your training and doggie daycare services. Our Lady loves going to meet her puppy buddies!

Jessica Scharper ★★★★★
Great dog obedience class! My dog was so scared of other dogs, but after attending the class, he was so excited to go back every week and say hello to the dogs again. Try to do it with your dog as young as you can.

Diane Lefrock ★★★★★
My dog loves coming to daycare to see her dog friends. The staff is very conscientious and caring.

Janna Marie ★★★★★
Leader of the Pack is amazing! I take my dog Maple to daycare regularly, and she absolutely loves it. The staff is very knowledgeable, and their love for animals is apparent. The training classes have really helped me better understand my dog and create a stronger relationship with her.

Max Willman ★★★★★
We love LOPCI! Brody has so much fun at daycare and we love to spy on them all playing with the dog cameras available!! We also highly recommend obedience training classes! They were so instructional and informative! We are happy customers.

John Turozci ★★★★★
Did absolute wonders helping my dog with anxiety and other social issues. Presented new and different training approaches which has done wonders. I had tried other places prior to coming to see John and Lisa only because of my lack of knowledge of Leader of the Pack. There is no reason to go anywhere else. I highly suggest them especially for dogs who need training out of the norm..

Sarge M. ★★★★★
I have been boarding my German Shepherd at Leader of the Pack for the past 8 years. I am very comfortable knowing he is well cared for with feedings, exercise and overall well being. I would highly recommend.

Marilyn Oldenhage Augis★★★★★

I've been taking my dogs there since they opened. Great family! I know my girls are well taken care of every stay! So knowledgeable.

Ed & Sue Patterson ★★★★★
Our Brittany, Millie, has completed puppy class and adult beginner class at LOPCI. We, as pet parents, had just as much fun and learning as the dogs! Megan, our trainer, taught us terrific common sense skills to use with our dog which have really given Millie a balanced happy life. Megan was always available to answer questions or help solve problems. We definitely gained a greater understanding of our "silly" Millie! We highly recommend LOPCI and the caring, patient, attentive, fun- loving staff.

Karen Reifsnyder Duh ★★★★★
Layla has been here many times for daycare, overnights and training. This is an excellent facility!

Leslie B. ★★★★★
Bella loves going to the daycare. The staff are exceptional and very helpful. We recently graduated the Adult puppy class and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

S K. ★★★★★
Our first session with Lisa was very helpful! I look forward to more help from LOPCI. Thank you Lisa!

Sam King ★★★★★
After trying many puppy classes for my Rottweiler I tried leader of the pack it was a wonderful learning experience for both me and my puppy in one session explained the importance of drop it what would happen if your dog got ahold of a heart pill and swallowed it I thought to myself at the time could that really happen I now know from experience it actually did happen Cesar picked up a heart pill that accidentally rolled off the counter my heart was in my throat as I calmly said drop it and he did a million emotions were going through my head in a Split Second one of those emotions was I could never thank leader of the pack enough for teaching me and my puppy the life skills he needs for life.

Lisa Hudak ★★★★★
Without hesitation Leader of the Pack is what rolls off the tip of my tongue when someone asks, “where is a great place to board?” “where is a great place for dog trainers”. Lisa and her team are caring, affectionate, enthusiastic towards myself, but more importantly, my Walter and Molly. They clearly understand their needs. I can go away, knowing that my FURbabies are on a vacation of their very own, without any worries or concerns for their well-being! And, if you Follow their page, the photos say it all!

Rachel Zimmerman ★★★★★
Great facility with well educated helpful people. So far our pup Kadin did the Puppy Class which both Kadin and our family learned great foundation skills. The class was fun and overall we all learned so much. Kadin has also gone to daycare, which is so convenient. When we pick him up he is laid back for days. Great way to keep your dog interacting with others in a safe environment. The ability to watch them play on the webcam is an awesome additive. Would 100% recommend Leader of the Pack. Excited to do another class in the near future.

Christina Mahurin ★★★★★
We have boarded our dog here many times in the past year. Previously, we boarded at a different facility in the area, and were very disappointed in the lack of behavioral feedback, constant Kennel Cough, and non-engaging staff. After being recommended LOPCI by many friends, we were thrilled with the remarkable staff’s friendliness, professionalism and coaching. They do a fantastic job at educating you on your dog’s behavior, and provide helpful tips on how to gain back your role as the Leader! We recently completed the Adult Beginner Class with our 1 y/o Coonhound, and had the best experience we could have asked for! Our trainer, Megan Williams, was AMAZING! Her positive energy and wealth of knowledge made us look forward to our class every week. Our dog is so much better behaved, quick to listen, and calmer than ever! We are looking forward to continuing into private 1:1 training classes to further our progress. We will continue to recommend this place to every dog owner we know! Keep up the great work!

Heather P. ★★★★★
Fantastic puppy obedience class! We learned so much & more importantly, so has Kelce! LOPCI is extremely clean, spacious. The trainers were great, thank you Megan & everyone! We love the puppy socializing & are very pleased w/ the cage free daycare & boarding. Kelce will continue w/ all the classes offered & she’ll be there for daycare to get the play & stimulation a German Shepherd needs!! Excellent experience, we highly recommend to any pet parents!

Vandalay Industries ★★★★★
Lisa and John Make Canine Training Great Again. Took my rescue bloodhound. A few private hours with them and we already felt more like the leaders of the pack. Before my visit, I was the only one who could walk my 108 lb. beauty. After my mom with a bad knee was able to walk him with no pulling and much better verbal command response. I intend on furthering his and our training in the near future.

Eileen Kutzler ★★★★★
We’re a recent LOPCI family, bringing our rescue beagle Boo there for daycare, boarding and grooming – very satisfied with our experience each time. Staff truly cares about the dogs, and makes sure that my high energy boy is with the right group each day. Having been one of the 65 rescue beagles who started off with us very skitterish, he’s blended in nicely and has grown to trust his teachers at school! We love watching him on the dogcams also. Staff was excited to tell us when he got the chance to spend the day with one of the other two rescue beagles that comes there, and we got to see them chilling together. We made an excellent choice with LOPCI!

Nick S. ★★★★★
Best dog training course available. In a number of a few weeks, I learned how to teach my dogs commands, how to teach him to be a good citizen and have manners with other dogs and people, and I learned how to be his pack leader . Great job Lopci!

Shauna Hartman with Mabel ★★★★★
I have nothing but great things to say about Leader of the Pack. The staff is amazing and helpful in every way. The minute you walk in the door you feel like family and know that they are going to take great care of your fur baby. Mabel just graduated from puppy training and can’t wait to start beginner training in a couple of weeks. Megan is an amazing instructor and we enjoyed every minute of her class. I definitely recommend this place to anyone with dogs. Besides training Mabel loves day camp and can’t wait to go.

Brian Pollinger ★★★★★

My first experience with the LOTP.

Training, the end results are incredible. My dog stopped controlling me or any of my family members after the class. ( 6 month puppy )
Sitting, Staying, Waiting, Laying, Walking and dropping on command. Her social skills have become a lot better also.
Lisa, has informed the class of certain information which make you understand the dogs view point. Leading us in to use those traits to benefit the training of our dogs.
She also informs you that the training must continue for the best results, not just class time.

Boarding, My dogs are very special to me, as your are also. I addressed Lisa, to take care of my girl, she is all I have. If you need extra money for special care just say it.
She felt no reason for the extra money.
Her services proved to me that special care is given to all of their clients pets.
When I went to pick up my girl, Im not certain she wanted to go home with me…
Thats a great feeling for knowing they were cared for.
I commend their services.

Theresa Wenck ★★★★★
Our dog, Roscoe has only had two sessions with Lisa and John and he has improved vastly. I appreciate how Lisa and John listen to any of our concerns and address them with practical and viable options. I look forward to learning even more about how to handle Roscoe!

Terri G. ★★★★★
LOPCI is phenomenal. The staff is so caring and always excited to our fur babies. Lois is the best groomer. I love it when she puts bows on our girls collars. We have been a client of LOPCI for a number of years and I would never go anywhere else. It's great to know that our fur babies are in good hands.

Rachel Dunne ★★★★★
Great place that really cares for their facility and how your dog is treated! We've used their daycare, grooming, and training (private and class) services and every experience has been great. We love that they have so many services to make it a single place we can be comfortable and familiar with. Everything is well organized and the caretakers are very friendly. We anticipate having a long relationship with LOPCI.

Taran & Gabriella R. ★★★★★
This is such a great place! They care for your dog as if it is their own. Dogs come in happy to see all the workers which is so awesome. We are currently getting to know Ace and they have been so helpful and patient.

Maria Slaska ★★★★★
I just finished the puppy training for my German Shepherd, Apolo. They were professional, cordial and full of knowledge. Their love for dogs is in the air! Megan Williams and her team were absolutely super!

Tom Narkin ★★★★★
The people at Lead of the Pack are so nice! They do great work and treat all three of our dogs so well even though only two of them deserve it. 😁. I highly recommend this business for dog grooming.

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