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Leader of the Pack Canine Institute’s Dog Training Program

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From basic dog training to advanced skill level classes to behavior modification, Leader of the Pack offers it all! Our classes are taught by experienced dog trainers who are able to teach everything from good manners and basic obedience to overcoming more advanced concerns.

Our dog training classes are aimed at helping you build a lifetime relationship with your pet that is based on trust and respect. Good communication and boundaries are crucial to building a strong relationship between you and your dog. We aim to help you and your pet live your best lives together!

Take a look at our available classes listed below.

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Dog Training for All Age Levels

We offer dog training classes for all age levels to clients throughout Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, PA and the Lehigh Valley areas. Our options include obedience training, AKC Canine Good Citizen Training and Certification, and Private In-Home Training or In-Center Training for behavior modification. The curriculum for the training classes we offer are as follows:

Puppy Training and Socialization (6-week course/$289) Click here to enroll in a course.

This group class is a 6-week course for puppies that are ages 8 weeks through 6 months. Our dog trainers will focus on enhancing socialization skills with other puppies, as well as humans. This time period is the most critical period in a dog’s life as they learn to develop self-confidence, socialization skills, bite inhibition, and proper manners.

Topics covered in puppy class will include, but are not limited to, loose leash walking, sit/stay, down/stay, and reliable “come” recall. Household manners are also part of the curriculum, focusing on puppy mouthing and nipping, crate training, and housebreaking. We also teach the “off” command for unwanted jumping, “quiet” for excessive barking or whining, “leave it/take it” commands, and more! Of course, there will also be plenty of off leash play time for puppies to interact and build their socialization skills.

For puppy classes, a 6-foot training leash is required; please no retractable leashes, chain link leashes, or loop leads. The second sets of Distemper shots are required for your puppy to attend class. Please bring treats that your pet will want to work for to use as food-based rewards. Our dog trainings recommend and use the Pro-Treats freeze dried liver. Visit our shop page to purchase training treats!

Adult Beginner (6 week course/$289)
All dogs must be dog and human friendly. If you are not sure of your pet’s social skills, an evaluation is required prior to registering for the course. The evaluation, if needed, is a scheduled 20-minute appointment and the cost is $25. Click here to enroll in a course.

This 6-week course is for dogs ages 6 months and older. These dog training classes are designed to help socialize and train older puppies and adult dogs. This includes problem-solving ideas for basic behavior problems, as well. Through various group lessons and discussions, our dog trainers will show you how to successfully communicate with your pet. We want to teach you the secret to dog training – “conditioned responses.”

Class curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the loose leash walk, sit/stay, down/stay, the “come” recall, “off” for unwanted jumping, “quiet” for excessive barking, “leave it/take it,” “drop it,” and more. Our dog trainers will teach you how to communicate with your dog and create a strong “canine communication.” This portion of the class helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. You will learn to understand distance increasing and decreasing, and calming signals presented by your pet.

For adult dog training classes, a 6-foot leash and updated rabies vaccines are required. Bringing treats that you pet wants to work for is helpful and used as a reward. Our dog trainers use and suggest Pro-Treats freeze dried liver. Visit our shop page to purchase training treats.

Intermediate Obedience (6 week course/$305) Click here to enroll in a class.

Whether you are looking to take your pets obedience training to another level or just want to have fun training your pet and improving your communication, intermediate obedience classes are for you. This 6-week course will test your pet’s disciplines that were conditioned in the Adult Beginner course.

By increasing distance, duration of time, and distraction levels, your pet will sharpen their focus and condition responses for stays and recalls along with long distance commands. Redirection techniques will also be used to help families redirect their pet’s attention when needed in an environment with distractions. Socialization skill will continue to be built with other dogs and humans, but with increased self-control exercises. The Adult Beginner course is a prerequisite to the Intermediate course.

Advanced Obedience (6-week course/$305) Click here to enroll in a class.

This 6-week course is the ultimate environment for conditioning disciplines with a high level of distractions. From off-leash walking to out-of-sight recalls, this course will sharpen the focus between you and your pet. Are you up for the challenge? Intermediate obedience is a prerequisite to the Advanced Obedience course.

*Updated vaccinations are required to attend classes. We can not accept any pet without proof of shot records in paper format from a veterinary professional.

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Here at Leader of the Pack, our goal is to help you and your pet communicate effectively, so you can both live happy and fulfilling lives. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, our trainers will work with you to improve communication and skill. For more information or to sign your pet up for dog training, please contact us today! We proudly provide service to clients throughout Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, PA and the Lehigh Valley area.