Wendy and Hattie

Wendy and Hattie

What do you do with a 10 month old Newfie who’s extra-large and often gets the Zoomies? Who likes to eat TV remote controls, Rubbermaid containers, The New Yorker magazine, and pretty much everything else?

You introduce her to Lisa and the whole LOPCI Crew, and you jump in.

It works! Seven months later, Hattie is a proud graduate of both Adult Beginner and Intermediate Obedience courses, is a (mostly) well-behaved young lady, can walk off-leash in public for short periods of time, and is gaining new skills every day.

Everyone at LOPCI is friendly, professional, and eager to help. They love all their furry friends and truly care about helping their 2-legged clients learn how to interact positively and create a calm environment for their pets.

Learning how to train my dog (and myself) is the closet thing to “talking” to my Hattie. I truly feel when we are working together that we are engaging in a very meaningful way that strengthens our relationship and helps build trust.

From grooming (best in the Valley) to day care (again, best there is) to training, LOPCI is the place to go. I’m so grateful to have found this gem.