When Should You Begin Puppy Classes?

When Should You Begin Puppy Classes?

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When You Can Start Puppy Training Classes

Dogs are man’s best friends. They are furry friends that love unconditionally. They are always there for you when you get home from work, have a bad day, or just need a companion. All they want from you is love back, to be cared for, and fed. Dogs make for a great addition to anyone’s life or family. However, they have instincts they want to follow, and they have a mind of their own. They will make decisions based on how they feel and sometimes these behaviors may not be what we expect of them. This is natural and it’s nothing a little training can’t fix.

Starting puppy training at the proper time will help nip any bad behaviors in their infancy. The longer you wait to get a dog trained, the harder it becomes. Puppies are like young children; they are in a learning phase of their life where they are learning what is and what is not okay. Training your dog is like teaching children, you want to instill proper behaviors in them. So, when should you begin dog training?

Your puppies need time to adjust to their environment and get comfortable with you, your family, and other pets you may have. They need to learn how to live and do their daily activities before they begin training. You can begin training your furry friend around 8 weeks old. You can begin with simple lessons.

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At Leader of the Pack, we provide puppy classes to the Allentown, PA area. Training your dog is necessary for every dog owner. It helps teach them basic commands and improves their obedience. Puppy training also helps stop destructive behaviors early. Puppy training can be challenging to do on your own because they are imperfect just like us. They will not always listen to you or do what you want every time. Our dog trainers can make the process easier on you and help teach you how to teach them. We will give you tips on how you can train them on your own and show you exactly what to do too. Contact us today to schedule your puppy training classes!